Fredrickson Research Group

University of California, Santa Barbara

Fredrickson Group

Fredrickson Group, July 2013 (Left to right): Nancy Eisenmenger, Yassine Dhane, Kate Barteu,
Sean Paradiso, Christian Will, Zoltan Mester, Glenn Fredrickson, Carol Tsai, Bongkeun Kim,
Edward Toumayan, Debra Audus, Jeff Gopez, Nabil Laachi, Wei Li, Kris Delaney, and Xingkun Man.


The Fredrickson group conducts a broad range of research activities in theoretical and computational polymer science, many of these aimed at understanding self-assembling polymers and complex fluids, and especially block copolymer systems. A computational tool that is unique to the group is the "Field-Theoretic Simulation" technique, which is a numerical procedure for simulating statistical field theory models of complex polymer formulations. The group also maintains strong interactions with experimental teams in academia and industry throughout the world.