Opportunities for Graduate Students & Post Docs

Graduate Student Research Assistantships and Post-Doctoral Appointments

Besides funding the two Graduate Fellowships, the research programs of MC-CAM support a larger number of PhD candidates on research assistantships (RAs), and post-doctoral scientists and engineers for appointments of up to 2 years. Students and Post-Docs are nominated for appointment by a faculty advisor in one of the participating Departments or Programs who has received funding for an MC-CAM-sponsored research project.

Character of Research Projects and Teams
Students and Post-Docs participating in the programs of MC-CAM should be highly motivated and interested in continuing their education in an exciting, highly interdisciplinary environment with an applied science and engineering focus. Such personnel will also have the opportunity to work alongside scientists and engineers from the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) in the UCSB setting. MC-CAM research projects will integrate the following characteristics, in various degrees of relative emphasis:
  1. Interaction of researchers from at least two disciplines
  2. Clear goal for a potential product
  3. Involve the design of new functional materials and/or devices
  4. Involve work on novel fabrication technologies

Application Procedure (Graduate Applicants)

Students should apply for admission as a PhD candidate to one or more of the participating UCSB Departments or Programs, such as Chemical EngineeringMaterialsChemistry,PhysicsMolecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, and the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomolecular Science and Engineering. Please indicate in the statement of intent that you are interested in the research activities of MC-CAM. UCSB graduate admission information including online application forms is available at: UCSB GRADUATE DIVISION


Application Procedure (Post-Doctoral Applicants)

Postdoctoral candidates should apply directly to faculty members in participating UCSB Departments or Programs. Please indicate your interest in becoming involved in research programs sponsored by MC-CAM.



Please contact Sara Bard (sara@mc-cam.ucsb.edu) if you have any questions regarding MC-CAM graduate and post-doc opportunities.